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The Challenge

AR grantee All Our Kin

Arbor Rising is built to address two problems:


Economic mobility is limited

The seeds of talent are distributed evenly, but the soil of opportunity is not.

Many of us idealize our country as a place where every child and family has the chance to thrive. But in too many communities today, limited access to opportunity and underinvestment in human potential have created a cycle of poverty.

Class in America is now more fixed than it used to be, less fluid than in other developed countries, and highly correlated with race and geography.

It is clear we need new ways to dramatically increase economic mobility.


The Opportunity Atlas charts children's expected household incomes at age 35 in New York relative to their race, parents' income and zip code. Click above to explore the full map.


Nonprofits lack deep support

Outcomes-oriented nonprofits can break the cycle of poverty, but they need help.

A new generation of nonprofit leaders is rising to the challenge of delivering truly equal access to opportunity. But building an impactful and sustainable organization from the ground up takes more than a founder’s compelling idea and relentless drive— it requires flexible capital and sound management practices. ​

Unfortunately for many promising early-stage organizations: (1) 
seed funding often dries up before a track record of results can be established; and (2) leaders struggle to build systems and teams while still neck-deep in refining their program. ​

Since traditional philanthropy is not structured to deliver these supports, many high-potential nonprofits falter.

Funding available



Second-stage gap

Growth requires professionalization

but leaders struggle to build systems and teams while refining programs. 

Seed funding dries up

before a track record of results

can be established.



Organizational development

To address these challenges, Arbor Rising finds, funds, and supports high-potential, early-stage nonprofits building pathways out of poverty.

By providing three years of unrestricted funding and intensive capacity-strengthening support to our grantees, we equip them to successfully navigate the second stage and, in turn, help realize the dreams of those they serve.

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