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AR grantee Hopeworks

We are personally fulfilled by supporting extraordinary nonprofit leaders pursuing economic justice, and we have designed our model of engaged philanthropy to share this satisfaction with donors.  

We hope our focus on access, transparency, and responsiveness provides our family of funders with the exhilaration of helping powerful ideas take flight.  


If we’re doing our job right, our donors not only get that warm fuzzy feeling, they can also be confident their investment is being put to its highest and best use in our community.

We realize this brand of impact-focused philanthropy is not for everyone, but if it strikes a chord with you we would be pleased to connect.  Drop us a line at, or make a donation using one of the three options below.

Donate by check

To avoid processing fees, we encourage donors to send checks payable to Arbor Brothers, Inc. directly to our office. Click below for details.

Donate by transferring securities

We are able to accept donations in the form of transferred securities. To learn more, please contact us via the link below.

Donate online

We can accept more modest tax-deductible contributions through the Donorbox portal below. Please note a 4% processing fee applies.

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